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Special Requirements by Universities


If you are aiming for the University of Toronto, we highly recommend that you consider taking at least 7 4U/M courses for a chance to improve your admission average and boost your chance to receive an offer.The University of Toronto generally take the top six Grade 12 courses, including the required courses, when calculating your admission average. If you take more than 6 Grade 12 courses, then the university may drop the lowest mark in an elective course in favour of another course with a higher mark.

Here is how The University of Toronto calculate your grade average under two hypothetical scenarios if you apply for Computer Science, Mississauga Campus:

Number of G12 Credits Student A Grade Student B Grade
1 ENG4U English

(not included in the calculation of admission average)*

62 ENG4U English
(INCLUDED in the calculation of admission average
2 MHF4U Advanced Functions 85 MHF4U Advanced Functions 85
3 MCV4U Calculus/Vectors 81 MCV4U Calculus/Vectors 81
4 ICS4U Computer Science 82 ICS4U Computer Science 82
5 MDM4U Data Management 79 MDM4U Data Management 79
6 IDC4U Media 76 IDC4U Media 76
7 SPH4U Physics 85
Academic Average Average of 6 courses without English 81.3 Average of 6 courses with English 77.5


*Note: The University of Toronto’s official policy states that ENG4U does not have to be counted in the overall average calculation if a student has met the requirement of an English language proficiency test (IELTS, TOEFL, MELAB, CAEL, COPE)


CIC graduates are exempted from TOEFL / IELTS:With marks of 75% or higher in both Grade 11 & 12 English (ENG3U & ENG4U)

CIC graduates are exempted from TOEFL / IELTS:With marks of 75% or higher in both Grade 11 & 12 English (ENG3U & ENG4U)
↳York University, Faulty of Liberal Arts & Professional StudiesWith final mark of 80% or higher in Grade 12 English (ENG4U)
↳York University, Faulty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

English Language Proficiency Requirements  for  Students from English Speaking Countries 


The University of Waterloo has confirmed that it requires those students from regions in Africa to prove their English Language Proficiency (ELP) in one or all of the following ways for September 2018 admissions.

  • Submit an English Language Proficiency Test result such as IELTS, TOEFL, MELAB or CAEL AND/OR
  • Submit their previous school transcript or a letter from their previous school principal stating how long they attended that school and that the education was entirely in English
  • The University of Waterloo highly suggested students write an ELP to meet the admission requirement


The University of Waterloo will email to communicate with students about this request after receiving their application via OUAC.  If a student receives the email or if they see the request in their Quest account, they should follow the instructions in the email.


After learning about the policy, the University Placement Counselor Team:

  • Email potentially impacted students to advise them to check their email and Quest account with Waterloo and explain what the request means
  • Hold a meeting with potentially impacted students to explain the request in detail and provide next steps


The University Placement Office is working with students to:

  • Help them review their application to ensure no errors were made
  • Help them understand any similar requests from other universities that may require a different solution
  • Help them understand the ELP Tests available in CIC and how to register to write one
  • Help liaise with the University of Waterloo if students will have difficulty fulfilling the request
  • Help them understand how to forward their test result to the University of Waterloo


Students with concerns about the policy of the University of Waterloo should come meet their University Placement Counsellor IMMEDIATELY.