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Admissions & Liaison (Contact Person with Language Support for General Inquiries )
Admissions General
Mandarin: Ms. Jane Liu

+1-905-572-7883 ext. 2814

Cantonese: Ms. Wing Cheung

+1-905-572-7883 ext. 2831

Vietnamese: Ms. Sabrina Trinh

+1-905-572-7883 ext. 2749

Russian, Turkish: Ms. Julia Abdoullaeva

+1-905-572-7883 ext. 2833

Spanish, Portuguese: Ms. Viviane de Oliveira Bomfim

+1-905-572-7883 ext. 2841

French: Ms. Priscilla Tamaklo

+1-905-572-7883 ext. 2818

Portuguese: Ms. Michelle Dias

+1-905-572-7883 ext. 2744

English and other languages: Mr. Richard Wu

+1-905-572-7883 ext. 2861

Study Permit & Visa (Study Permit, Visa and Confirmation Letters)
Accounting (Payment and Fees)
External Testing Office (English Proficiency Tests & Workshops – IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo)
IT Department (Computer and Internet Access Support)
Medical Clinic (Assessment and Treatment for Health Concerns)
Wellness Counselling (Counselling and Education Services for Emotional Concerns)

+1-905-572-7883 ext. 2199

Residence (Residence Life Service and Support)
Pine Girls (PG) Front Desk +1-905-572-7883 ext. 6101
Pine Boys (PB) Front Desk +1-905-572-7883 ext. 2901
Linden Hall (LH) Front Desk +1-905-308-7565 ext. 1200
Student Leadership Development (Leadership Teams and Opportunities, Clubs, Activities and Community Service)
Security 24/7 (Lost and Found and Safety Concerns) +1-905-981-0146
Tutoring (Tutoring, Peer Tutoring and Academic Support)
Ms. Zoey James
University Placement & Guidance Services by Family Names
A-K | Ms. Terra Arnett

+1-905-572-7883 ext. 2859

L-V | Ms. Annie Rong

+1-905-572-7883 ext. 2773

W-Z & ESL Students | Ms. Grace Yang

+1-905-572-7883 ext. 2813