Home Away from Home


When parents send their children abroad to study, they want their children to live in a place that provides a level of care similar to what they’d get at home. This means a safe and comfortable living environment, attention to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, proper care if special needs arise such as sickness, and training for independent living.

Our Total Care Living® is based on a “home-away-from-home” model which delivers, in the best way possible, the kind of care parents would provide their own children at home. By providing a healthy and safe on-campus life outside the classroom, CIC’s Total Care Living removes the pressures that other international students face when they live off campus, away from home.

Settle into Residence

Transition to life in residence.

Food Service

Meals and more.

Health Services and Insurance

Learn more about our health care service, wellness support and insurance plan.

Safety Guide

Safety is one of the highest priorities of our Total Care Education System®.