Code of Conduct



CIC strives to provide a safe, caring and orderly environment which fosters the foundations of teaching, learning and living a healthy lifestyle. The Code of Conduct is intended to promote respect, responsibility, integrity, inclusiveness for all and to provide students with a strong framework to achieve academic and behavioural success.

The Code of Conduct applies to all students enrolled at CIC or who have been granted admission to attend CIC classes and/or reside in our residence. Each student must adhere to this Code of Conduct and agree to be bound by its provisions. The Code of Conduct applies to the student whether or not he or she is on CIC premises and may include but is not limited to such times when a student is at a CIC organized event or activity including school trips, sporting events, community service events; transportation to/from CIC related activities, or any other time when a student may be representing CIC, in any capacity.


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Last Updated: March 27, 2024