Health Services and Insurance


CIC Medical Clinic

The Medical Clinic at CIC reflects our commitment to provide the highest level of care to all our students. It especially caters to the needs of students who may become ill and/or injured.


Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday, 7:30am – 4:30pm

CIC Nurses in Campus/Residence:

  • Nurses will assess and intervene depending on the student’s conditions
  • Referrals to the appropriate healthcare providers are arranged as needed
  • Provide health education and preventative services
  • Identify issues in the early stages by being proactive than reactive
  • Follow up on student recovery and appointments

Saturday – Sunday & Holidays

CIC Nurses in Residence:

  • A nurse is available for 3 hours on Saturday and Sunday to provide medical care to sick and injured students.

Outside the hours of operation, students may use the following options:

  • Mild Illnesses/Injuries:
    Residence Staff with assistance from CIC Nurse Supervisor
  • Moderate Illnesses/Injuries:
    Walk-in Medical Clinics, 24/7 virtual health assistance by Insurance Company
  • Serious or Life-threatening Illnesses/Injuries:
    Hospital Emergency Room by calling 911


Any questions or concerns can be directed to


Please make sure you provided accurate Medical Information to us so that our nurses can provide the necessary care and assistance or doctor’s referral in a timely manner. Read more…


Health Insurance Plan & Coverage

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CIC Wellness Counselling

Our experienced counselling staff can help students who are struggling with their emotions. We provide confidential counselling sessions where students can talk about their feelings and learn strategies and skills to manage them.


If you are feeling sad, lonely, worried, stressed, homesick, angry, overwhelmed, or any other difficult feelings that you want assistance with, e−mail or call and we would be happy to support you on your path to wellness!


To book an appointment, please feel free to contact us: