Arrival in Canada



Welcome to Canada! When you first enter Canada, you’ll need to get your study permit at the border.


Residence Check-in Expectations 

As per the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), there is no mandatory quarantine or COVID testing for all travelers arriving in Canada. (Ref:Travel, quarantine and borders)

You are encouraged to use a self-test kit if you are experiencing symptoms or would like peace of mind before beginning in-person learning of your classes. Should you have a positive result, please report to the CIC Medical & Wellness Clinic and/or a Residence staff.

If you have a positive COVID-19 test result, you will have to go into isolation in one of our CIC residence buildings. Once you are cleared by one of our CIC Medical & Wellness staff, you will move to your residence room and begin in-person learning.


Check-in to the Residence

Contacts for all Residences 

General residences email address: 

Pine Girls (PG) 

Address: 768 Sanatorium Road, Hamilton ON L9C 0C5 

Front Desk Number: 905-572-7883 extension 6666 

Cell//Mobile Number: 905-745-3782 

Pine Boys (PB) 

Address: 728 Sanatorium Road, Hamilton ON L9C 7V6 

Front Desk Number: 905-572-7883 extension 5555 

Cell/Mobile Number: 905-961-4071 

Oak Hall (Oak)

Address: 1029 Main Street West, Hamilton ON L8S 4R9

Front Desk Number: 905-572-7883 extension 3333


Last updated on December 19, 2023