Flying to Canada Checklist



Documents to Bring

Before you travel to Canada, you’ll need to make sure you have the right documents to enter the country. 

Before Arrival into Canada:  

 All arriving CIC students should login to ezReport card (under the Forms section), and complete and submit Arrival to CIC Residence Form at least 7 days before arrival.

    • Request airport transportation service if required (available on Arrival to CIC Residence Form).

Have the following travel documents: 

  1. Passport 
  2. CIC Letter of Acceptance 
  3. IRCC letter (Study Permit Approval Document) 
    1. Print and present Study Permit Approval letter to the border officer when you enter Canada. The border officer will then issue your study permit (a piece of paper).    
    2. Make sure that your medical exam has not expired: Your medical exam results are good for 12 months only. If you don’t come to Canada as a visitor, student or worker within that time, you may need to do another exam.
  4. Visa or eTA (if applicable)
    Depending on your country of citizenship, you will need a valid Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) — US citizens are exempt. 


Last updated on June 14, 2024