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Student Leadership Development Office

Columbia’s aim is to graduate well-rounded students prepared for life at university and beyond. Therefore in addition to academic learning, we believe it is essential to build a student’s character through
leadership training and experiential learning to excel in today’s global competitive world. As a result, we have established the Student Leadership Development (SLD) Office to organize and facilitate exciting, educational programs which provide students with the necessary training and experience to succeed in life.

In each program that is offered by Student Leadership Development, an emphasis is placed on character development and diversity. Our programming seeks to elaborate on how activities and events can develop the individual to greater levels of:

  • Inclusiveness
  • Diversity
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Peaceful & Positive Conflict Resolution
  • Fairness
  • Caring
  • Optimism
  • Self-Confidence, and Self-Advocacy
  • Perseverance

Students are intentionally recognized for their exemplary character and development in regular ceremonies. SLD coordinates with all departments to provide a holistic atmosphere for this growth.


Student Leadership Development Areas of Focus:

Global Outlook and Leadership (GOAL) Program

  • Students are able to apply for numerous leadership positions/opportunities that will enhance their personal experience and contribute to student life.
  • A tiered leadership development program through a combination of workshops and practical learning. This allows students to cultivate their skills, build confidence, and nurture their personal
    and professional development goals.

    • Level One
      • Introductory Personal Development Workshops
        • Cultural Sensitivity, Teambuilding, etc
      • Community Engagement
    • Level Two
      • Intermediate Personal Development Workshops
        • Communication Styles, Public Speaking, Decision Making, etc.
      • Participation in a Leadership Team
        • Student Council, Community Service Prefect, Athletic Prefect, etc.
        • Event Planning
    • Level Three
      • Advanced Personal Development Workshops
        • Art of Delegation, Event Marketing, Conflict Management, etc.
      • School Leadership Continued
      • Social Justice Program


Student Life Program

  • Provides unique experiences through after school clubs
    • SLD offers over 100 clubs every semester
      • Professional Development (Creative Writing, Entrepreneurship, Coding, etc.
      • Athletic (Soccer, Badminton, Dance, etc.)
      • Skill Development Clubs (Cooking, Knitting, Art, etc.)
      • Community Service (Senior Aid, Low-Income Aid, Awareness Campaigns, etc.)
  • Provides unique experiences through after school and weekend trips
    • SLD offers multiple trips each week
      • Cultural (Niagara Falls, Amusement Parks, Shopping, etc.)
      • Athletic (Live Professional Sporting Events – eg. NBA, MLB, MLS, CFL, NHL)
      • Community Service (Charity Support, Local Gardens, Community Outreach, etc.)
  • Facilitates special events through Student Leadership Initiatives
    • SLD coordinates multiple special events per month
      • Social (Dances, Movie Nights, Games Days, etc.)
      • Community Service (Fundraisers, Awareness Campaigns, etc.)
      • Arts (Talent Shows, Art Galleries, Drama Productions, etc.)
      • Physical Recreation (Intramurals, Varsity Sporting Events, Student-Staff Competitions, etc.)


Community Service Program

  • Allows students to volunteer, explore their community, and discover the role they play in strengthening communities: school, local, and international
  • Students gain valuable work experience, develop leadership skills and increase social awareness through volunteering
  • SLD records all volunteering initiatives in order for students to develop their personal profile
    • Regular programming is offered to all students to help them engage in their communities
      • Weekend Trips
      • Weekly Service Clubs & Tutoring Programs
      • Special Events & Fundraisers


Athletic Program

  • Encourages regular physical activity among students and promotes good physical, mental, and emotional health
    • Activities reach a wide range of skill level ranging from beginner to varsity
  • Student leaders help to facilitate athletic competitions
    • Intramural Programming (Table Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, etc.)
  • Offers a variety of competitive Varsity Programs
    • Basketball, Soccer, Badminton, Dance, etc.
  • Develop lifelong character within an athletic environment
    • Inclusiveness, sportsmanship, fairness, etc.


Special Programs

  • Provides the opportunity to get involved in a variety of comprehensive and immersive learning experiences
    • Bark Lake Leadership and Conference Center
      • Nestled on over 700 acres of lakefront property, two hours north of Toronto, Bark Lake offers a unique blend of excellent facilities and engaging programming in a
        beautiful wilderness setting.
      • All Bark Lake facilitators are highly qualified and certified in leadership programming and outdoor recreation.
        • Leadership Retreats
        • Camping Excursions
        • Recreational Trips
    • Model United Nations Team
      • A team that competes locally, nationally, and internationally to simulate international diplomacy aimed at solving global issues
      • Includes academic skill development (research, writing, collaboration, public speaking, debate, etc.)
    • Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
      • Comprehensive student engagement to help them to develop in personal growth within several categories (Physical Recreation, Skill Development, Community Service, Immersive Experience, Social Justice)
      • Includes a camping excursion at Bark Lake
        • Hiking, snowshoeing, or canoeing
      • Develops commitment, accountability, and reliability
      • Encourages students to explore their passions and set personal goals
    • Sure To University Program
      • Supplementary Application training to prepare students to prepare students for competitive university programs
      • Personal and Professional Development Workshops
    • Elite Pathway Partnership (EPP) Program
      • Two year program commitment
      • In Partnership with the University of Toronto, with exclusive scholarships reserved for participants who complete the program
      • Helps top academic students to develop their enhance their personal and professional profile through intensive extracurricular and co-curricular programming
        • Extensive University Tours and Programming
        • Supplementary Application training to prepare students to prepare students for competitive university programs
        • Personal and Professional Development Workshops
        • Duke of Edinburgh’s International Gold Award
        • Model United Nations
        • Immersive Experiential Experiences (Social Justice Trip, Sailing Program, Explore Canada Program, etc.)
        • Global Citizen and Leadership Program
          • In collaboration with University of Toronto faculty